Graduate Capstone Brief

For the year of 2020, Mad Agriculture and Terra Genesis International partnered, in collaboration with the Masters of the Environment program of CU, Boulder, to offer a capstone project to the four of us as graduate students. Our capstone project focused on the growing need for ag-sourced brands to reorient their supply in support of agricultural, economic, and social regeneration. This work of building regenerative supply webs, “where suppliers and buyers collaborate to consciously regenerate agricultural systems and develop and empower communities,” was the primary focus of the Fellowship. (Quoted from Ethan Soloviev)


We explored the tools, skills, and frameworks necessary to complete work as regenerative supply practitioners. In partnership with Origin Milk and Quinn Snacks, we tested our work and grew through professional experience. We provided the brands with frameworks to work within the regenerative paradigm. We also created guiding documents to help them orient their future development towards regenerative practice. As a result, these brands are better equipped to pursue the complexity of regeneration as a holistic approach. Additionally, we generated authentic storytelling as a way to communicate the brands’ current work and future aspirations.