Lauren Dunteman

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Lauren Dunteman is a farm-girl turned environmental advocate. She focuses on regeneration as a paradigm and aims to help others view their work through a different lens. She has experiences working for both non-profits and private companies. Her current work includes:

  • ORIGIN Milk and Quinn Snacks, where she is focusing on supply regeneration.

  • The Flatirons Young Farmers Coalition, where she works as the Coordinator to support organizational growth, land regeneration, and farmer success.

  • A community-led research project in Maharashtra, India, where the community aims to reincorporate indigenous farming knowledge in order to promote social and agricultural regeneration.

Lauren’s passions lie within promoting social and ecological regeneration through the farmers that we source from and the land and animals those farmers tend. She roots her work within deep relationships and authentic reciprocity. For the past year, she has worked with brands to help them empower current suppliers to regenerate their operations. Furthermore, she has helped these organizations identify unique opportunities of change and to better see the systems in which their work is nested.


In and out of her work, Lauren is passionate about immersing herself in nature, cultivating relationships, and supporting a more equitable food system. Through her work in regeneration, she takes an intentional approach to honoring indigenous heritage and recognizing various racial inequities and environmental injustices. She aims for all of her work to respect and benefit historically underserved BIPOC populations.