Randy Pistacchio


Randy has been stewarding the land for the past fifteen years - working directly on small scale farms and mid-size ranches and with landowners on acreages of various sizes.  He has found his deepest passion in the relational aspects of people to place and how that may develop over time with mutual benefit for the Earth, its communities, and the tender of the land itself.  This journey has brought him to work alongside Holistic Management, International and the Savory Institute while completing deep engagements with Terra-Genesis, International, Mad Agriculture, Origin Milk, and Quinn Snacks.  His specialties include holistic decision making and place-based regenerative design centered on living systems frameworks. He holds certifications through Holistic Management, International and the Outdoor Industry Association to round out his tradecraft in the field of regenerative design. These skills are most effectively applied to issues of rural economic development, farm and ecosystem management, and supply shed analysis and evolution. Identification of nodal opportunities for client-sourced creation and growth while affecting systemic ripple effects is Randy’s most authentic expression.  He holds a Masters Degree in Sustainable Food Systems from the University of Colorado - Boulder and a Bachelor of Science from the University of Rhode Island.  Although he resides in the mountains west of Boulder, CO he is happy to hold space in his heart for Gunnison Valley, Colorado, northern New England, and the Mexican Riviera.  If he is not acting directly in service to you, Randy will most likely be snuggling his dogs and creating a future of abundance with his family.